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Full Bore in US

Founded in 1888 A.D., US Full Bore Oil Company belongs to White & Bagley Company (White & Bagley Company in 1888 located in Worcester Massachusetts), which specializes in producing lubricating oils for various vehicles and machines. This company was founded after President Lincoln started the Civil War and liberated black slaves in 1865. It went through quickly take-off stage of American industry at the end of the 19th century and two world wars in the 20th century. It witnessed American brand becoming the world might. Its quality and public praise are eternally renewed. As its logo “Full Bore” means putting a bullet in a target with high speed through the bore. Full Bore lubricating oil emphasizing excellence can make the vehicle give play to the best performance; furthermore, in that time featured by political turbulence and full of the threat of war, it even means soldiers had to unite as one to completely wipe out all enemies so that they could win the war. This is the story of US Full Bore Oil Company. It is also the culture and soul of the brand. It is even ultimate goal of the enterprise to pursue excellence and keep improving. It is the idea of the founder and the culture and core value of US Full Bore Oil brand.

Full Bore at a Glance

From 1984 to 1986, TAIWAN TAY RUENN GROUP became the general agency of US Full Bore Oil in Taiwan and Asian-Pacific region. In 2012, TAIWAN TAY RUENN GROUP got 100% management right of US Full Bore Oil, so the group turned from agency and OEM to brand operation. On October 1, 2013, the trademark FULL BORE was formally registered in the US, and US Full Bore Oil completely became private brand in Taiwan, one of the largest oil brands in the world. With regard to the symbiosis between US Full Bore Oil and TAIWAN TAY RUENN GROUP, ranging from initial development to brand and managerial authority, it’s summarized as follows:
  • In 1981, US Full Bore Oil Company founded technical supervision department in TAIWAN TAY RUENN GROUP, so the group obtained partial authorization and became sole qualified manufacturer for overseas production.
  • In 1982, invited by US Full Bore Oil Company, the senior leaders of TAIWAN TAY RUENN GROUP visited its factory and signed letter of intent.
  • In 1988, US Full Bore Oil Company formally transferred the brand to TAIWAN TAY RUENN GROUP.
  • In 2008, TAIWAN TAY RUENN GROUP established Full Bore Company in the US.
  • In 2012, TAIWAN TAY RUENN GROUP got 100% managerial authority of US Full Bore Oil.
  • In 2013, the trademark was formally registered in the US on October 1, 2013.

Group Introduction

The headquarters and production plant of TAY RUENN GROUP are located in Sinwu, Taiwan, but its R & D institution is still in the US. In 2012, Runbao International Marketing Co., Ltd was established in Taoyuan, Taiwan, which was responsible for brand operation of US Full Bore Oil and sales of high-tech oils. In recent years, the company has actively developed the market in mainland China. For example, it invested in Fuzhou, Fujian, established Dali Lubrication Oil Plant, Harbin Ouli Petrochemical Corporation and Shanghai Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd, which signified formal entry in mainland market.

  • Group:Tay Rueen Enterprise Co.Ltd
  • Runbao International Marketing Co., Ltd
  • Fuzhou, Fujian, established Dali Lubrication Oil Plant
  • Harbin Ouli Petrochemical Corporation
  • Shanghai Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd

Group Chairman

A dwarf who concentrates on work is much greater than a giant, and one can score fruitful achievements only through hard work! This is a famous saying of Rongzong Zhuang, founder and chairman of TAY RUENN GROUP. The chairman views that research development should be based on the shoulders of giants for continuous research, discovery and innovation. In 1972, the chairman left the most powerful marines and established Yuxiang Petrochemical Corporation in Banqiao with sole proprietorship, which mainly engaged in agency of various oils. In 1981, he founded TAY RUENN Co., Ltd. During the process of extending business, he noticed the shortage of raw materials for oil in China and knowledge about oil. Besides, the consumers heavily relied on international famous brands, so the countrymen were unable or unwilling to invest in oil manufacturing. Therefore, after stabilizing the company foundation, he went to CPC Corporation, Taiwan to learn the application of lubricating oils and addictives as well as other courses. In 1982, he visited numerous lubrication oil plants and addictive plants in the US. Afterwards, he decides to create the best oils with the best base oil, the best addictives and the most advanced research technology, so that the self-research oils in China can open a new milestone.

Later, TAY RUENN GROUP got 100% management right of US Full Bore Oil Company and the company formally turned to brand operation. Faced with global warning and serious air pollution, the chairman applied excellent research technology of addictive by US Full Bore Oil to develop multiple killer products, which devoted to realizing the dream of zero pollution of vehicle exhaust. To return a clean earth to human beings is not only the mission of Chairman Zhuang, but original intention of century-old Full Bore since its foundation.

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