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Environment and Society

Global warming and PM2.5 air pollution have been greatly concerned by the public. The automobiles occupy 1/5 total discharge volume of global greenhouse gas emission. Chai Jing, a former journalist in Chinese Mainland, released a documentary about air pollution in China in the end of February 2015, which was called Under the Dome (full name: Haze Investigation by Chai Jing: Under the Dome, Breathe Same Air, Share Same Fate). It appealed the attention to air pollution in China, so this documentary was concerned by the world. She viewed that the haze mainly came from air pollution, while vehicle exhaust was the final killer. As early as 2000, many foreign research had verified the harmPM2.5 fine particulate matter in exhaust gas to breath and cardiovascular system, which could lead to asthma, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, birth defect and premature death.
The haze problem in Taiwan is also very serious. Apart from industrial pollution, the emission of vehicle exhaust is more painful. According to the statistics of Environmental Protection Administration in Taiwan, the density of motor vehicles in China ranked the first in the world. Until the end of 2005, the density of motor vehicles in Taiwan was 544.88 per square kilometer and it was 21.2 times than that in the US. According to the results of follow-up reports about PM2.5 in 1429 Issue of Business Weekly, among the average value of PM2.5 in 22 counties and cities in Taiwan, only the value in Hualien and Taitung reached the standard. It also indicated that the step for monitoring air pollution byTaiwan government was slow, and there was a long way to go to recover the clean air in Taiwan. Besides, according to the analysis of Environmental Protection Administration in Taiwan, the largest pollution of PM2.5 came from motor vehicles. If limiting the freedom of people such as replacing old vehicles with new and controlling vehicles in cities, the implementation will be difficult and effect will be not obvious.

The significant vehicle problem which is vital to economic development and human travel makes people love and hate it. Global automobile manufacturers all rack their brains in order to overcome air pollution. However, these measures only solve surface problem instead of the underlying problem. US Full Bore Oil adheres to consistent persistence for a hundred years. It insists on the idea of environmental protection, loving the earth and sustainable development. Besides, it develops toward the goal of clean energy, one step at a time; we not only master advanced knowledge and technology of oil modulation, but also take safety, efficiency, responsibility and creating operator’s profit as the premise of our oil. We have started from caring for Taiwan. Meanwhile, we have started the engine of saving living environment of the human. Never give up until achieve the goal.


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