Fullbore Vision

If the engine is the heart of the automobile, the oil is the blood of the automobile. If the blood of a person has problem, the whole person will feel uncomfortable; relatively, if the oil of the vehicle has problem, the whole vehicle will be damaged. Our living environment will bear all evil consequences. Thus, US Full Bore Oil is based on environmental protection and social responsibility. It even takes macroscopic vision of global village as oil development policy. We stride forward to high performance and zero pollution actively; thus, our oil has paid high attention to and completed environmental impact assessment. To return a clean earth to common people is even our obligated sacred mission.

Full-Bore Strategy

Our strategic system aims to realize the vision of clean earth. With solid foundation for above 100 years and continuous innovation of R&D center in the US, we have launched the layout of global marketing in 2015. It’s expected to realize 1% occupancy in Asia and even the world in 2020. Our strategy is based on excellent tradition and culture, high-quality products, solid research ability and powerful marketing team, so our competitiveness and innovation ability are doubtless.

Innovation at Full-Bore

To reduce and even completely solving the pollution of vehicle exhaust has been always our strategic goal. Our motor oils, gasoline and diesel fuel additives are almost pollution-free, and they are the pride within industry. Innovation is the core value of US Full Bore Oil, and we have mastered know-how about improving DNA of oils. Therefore, it’s no longer a myth to create motor oils without pollution, and it will be our mission all the time.

Full-Bore Quality

Now, we have produced above 400 kinds of products, including vehicle oil, industrial oil, shipping oil, petrochemical addictive and lubricating grease, etc, all of which are sold around the world. In order to maintain high quality, we have established technical cooperate with Dow Chemical Company in the US to research and develop PAG synthetic grease. Besides, oil for gasoline and diesel motor has passed the highest-level certification of American Petroleum Institute (API) and Benz Factory in Germany. At present, superlattice technology is adopted, so the clean earth is just around the corner.

Promote combustion efficiency of fossil fuel

High-tech products of Full Bore Oil can promote combustion efficiency of oil, which is not only energy-saving, environmental and protective for car, but reduces the harm to air quality.


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